All publicly trading companies in Canada must must disclose material change news as part of the regulatory requirements for listing with TSX-Venture (TSX-V) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). There are some 300,000 destination points.


The following is a partial list of dissemination sites: Major Dailies-targeted to journalists interested in your story; Major Financial Web Sites; US Exchanges; US Brokerages; 600,000 Terminals of analysts, portfolio managers, institutional & individual investors, brokers; Yahoo; Bloomberg Financial Markets; Reuters Business Briefing and many more. We reach over 4,000 databases, online services and financial portals reaching a worldwide audience. In all, there are more than a million destination points.


Targets all English speaking regulatory and media companies in Europe, the UK, and Scandinavian countries.


Three dynamic trading nations, namely, Germany, Austria and Switzerland have an interest for North American companies. We take your English new release, translate into German and disseminate to 450,000 Germanic media outlets as well as to a private list of opt-in sophisticated investors. A great package if you wish to attract Germanic investors or if you are looking to inform those who are connected with the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


Sending your news release through this service carries the unique advantage of going directly to journalists that write on the industry specific to your business. This network has coverage in Australia and New Zealand, but also into select points within South East Asia.


Documents of Material Change for US publicly traded companies are filed with EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval). Our flat fee service enables you to submit and archive an unlimited number of 8K filings. Please call for a quote for more complex or lengthier documents.


The Canadian securities association requires filing to SEDAR (System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval). These documents include the Annual, Quarterlies, Notice of Meeting & Record Date, Management Discussion & Analysis, and Management Proxy Materials. These do not necessarily have to go through the Timely Disclosure route. However, all Timely Disclosure Announcements must show up on SEDAR. EBS has a flat annual fee for an unlimited number of filings, including quarterlies and annual.


Extend the exposure your news releases are in the public eye by a week or more. Some 30,000 or more digital clickable ads are placed on websites in the vertical markets in which you work. Please contact us for more information.

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