Certification Documents

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2021 TSE Market Holidays.docx
EBS EDI Banking Info.doc
PF - OSC fee chart.pdf
Certificate of Annual Filing 52-109FV1.doc
Fees CSA system 2018.pdf
PF -ASC Form 13-501F1.pdf
Certificate of Interim Filing 52-109FV2.doc
Holidays - All US markets 2019.pdf
SEDAR agency fees 2021.pdf
Certificate of Re-file 52-109F1R.DOC
OSC filing-calendar-2020.pdf
SEDAR calendar 2020-2021.pdf
Certificate of Re-file 52-109F2R.doc
OSC filing-calendar-2021.pdf
SEDAR holidays 2021.pdf
Certificate of Voluntary AIF 52-109F1-AIF.DOC
PF - ASC form fee 2017.pdf
SEDAR OSC filing-calendar-2018.pdf